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12.30 - 13.30

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Target Language – A vehicle for language learning: Pedagogy, professional development and effects

Sebastiaan Donszelmann



Pedagogische wetenschappen

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Sebastiaan Donszelmann

Dr. Sebastiaan Donszelmann

This research study centres on the use of the target language in secondary foreign language education. It examines whether teachers are able to adopt the target language pedagogy that was developed in this study, whether they succeed in using the pedagogy over a longer period of time and whether their students profit from this intervention in such a way that their language learning process is more effective than it would have been had their teachers used the target language only intuitively. Using the target language effectively requires teachers to develop an advanced linguistic and didactic awareness. During their interaction with students, teachers should constantly apply the target language as a pedagogical tool rather than simply as a means of communication. Language is both the target as well as the vehicle for language learning. In other words: Target Language –  a vehicle for language learning (Doeltaal-Leertaal).