Dr. Schinkel and Professor Drerup editing a special issue on ‘Education in the Anthropocene’

As a member of the editorial board of On Education: Journal for Research and Debate Anders Schinkel has edited, together with Johannes Drerup, the latest issue, titled ‘Education in the Anthropocene’.

24-05-2019 | 13:33

The Anthropocene is the name proposed by various scientists for our current geological period, which is characterized by a host of anthropogenic problems that will leave their mark on (life on) our planet in the geological record, such as climate change, the extinction of animals and plants, the loss of biodiversity, deforestation, ocean acidification, pollution, and the destruction of ecosystems. These problems are to a large extent the result of what is currently considered a normal way of life in the ‘developed’ world, and a way of life to aspire to even in the rest of the world. This raises important educational questions: can we continue to raise children the ‘normal’ way, i.e. to initiate them into the consumer lifestyle that is responsible for these problems? What kind of environmental education is called for, and what kind of environmental education is justifiable in liberal democracies? These and other questions are addressed by the contributors to this issue of On Education.

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