Melanie Ehren receives Erasmus+ funding to develop new Approaches in School Inspection

Prof. Ehren has received a small grant (€18.326) to share findings from her previous EU-study on Polycentric inspections of networks of schools to support the Turkish Ministry of Education in developing a Polycentric model of inspections.

27-09-2019 | 11:36

Melanie EhrenThe project will start in October 2019 and will run for two years with a series of seminars and events to develop and test a new inspection model. The project will include and build on existing collaboration with other research partners in Bulgaria (Sofia University) and Ireland (DCU) involved in the original EU-study (see: The project is timely given that many education systems are moving to more networked approaches to coordinate school improvement and are looking to align their accountability frameworks to school-to-school networks.