Two LEARN! consortia received NRO grant for short-term practice-oriented research

Renske Bouwer (and colleagues) and Femke van der Wilt (and colleagues) both receive €20,000 to develop a proposal for an NRO grant.

27-02-2020 | 8:26

In July 2020, it will be announced whether they will also receive funding for their research project. Below a short description of the projects: 

Renske Bouwer - Dialogical writing: an integrative approach for meaningful language education in the upper primary grades 

In current language education, there is little attention for the productive skills of writing and speaking. They are also often treated in separate lessons, making it difficult for students to learn how they are connected. In addition, students have few opportunities to use language for communication in meaningful contexts. In this research project, we aim for an integrative approach to written and oral proficiency in primary education by supporting students to have a spoken dialogue about their own written texts. For this, we will develop and test a series of lessons for dialogical writing and practical tools for teachers to implement dialogical writing in the classroom. The expectation is that this will improve the quality of the written texts and conversations in class.

 The consortium consists of:

- Researchers: Renske Bouwer, Chiel van der Veen, and Marjolein Dobber;

- Teachers: Leanne Zwama (Groen van Prinstererschool), Femke Zeegers (De Bolster), Marte van Vliet (De Kleine Reus), Patty Roos (De Witte Olifant), and Hilbertine Bos (director of Ichtusschool);

- Educational developers and teacher trainers: Kike Olsder & Hieke van Til from Stichting Taalvorming, Bea Pompert from De Activity and Monica Koster from Tekster.

Femke van der Wilt - Talking about books. The effect of dialogical conversations during book reading on the language and reading skills of children in kindergarten