News from the program "Educational governance, identity and diversity"

Please find here the interview with Cor van Montfort and the new publications from Johannes Drerup

27-10-2020 | 11:00

Cor van Montfort
Cor van Montfort describes his career as a path of shifting and combining. He is a political scientist and focuses on public governance, accountability issues and public-private partnerships. At the VU, he is a senior researcher and works currently on projects about public accountability in primary and secondary education as well as on the functioning and performing of organizational networks in vocational education. In the interview, he speaks about his work with school boards to improve their public accountability, his drive to work at the intersection of theory and practice and his enthusiasm for philosophy classes he took in university. Read more here.

Johannes Drerup

New publications from Johannes Drerup
New Technologies – new Childhoods?/ Neue Technologien – neue Kindheiten (edited by Marc Fabian Buck, Johannes Drerup and Gottfried Schweiger; Metzler 2020)
Toleration and the challenges to Liberalism (edited by Johannes Drerup and Gottfried Schweiger; Routledge 2020)
Read more here.