Publication announcement: Education in a State of Emergency

Education in a State of Emergency: Philosophical Reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic /Bildung und Erziehung im Ausnahmezustand: Philosophische Reflexionsangebote zur COVID-19-Pandemie (Johannes Drerup und Gottfried Schweiger eds.; WBG Academic 2020)

27-08-2020 | 15:03

The COVID-19-pandemic is posing significant challenges for schools and families all over the world. As social and economic life have been reduced to a minimum and schools and universities have been closed down, the family (again) has become the central place of work and education. The situation in many families is precarious.  Parents have to juggle different tasks and obligations related to home schooling, care work and home office. Many parents have lost their jobs and struggle with fears for the future. Violence against children and women is assumed to be on the rise in a time where there is only limited contact with teachers, social workers and other persons of trust. Moreover, while existing educational inequalities are assumed to increase, teachers are often ill-prepared to adapt to the new situation. The technological equipment and expertise for online teaching, for instance, is often insufficient for teachers and in families. The crisis compels us to question established education policies and practices in order to develop new approaches to cope with the current challenges.

This volume, edited by Johannes Drerup (VU Amsterdam/TU Dortmund) and Gottfried Schweiger (University of Salzburg), brings together experts from philosophy and educational science that reflect on the challenges related to education in a state of emergency.  The volume addresses parents, teachers, people who work with families and children, and anyone interested in philosophical questions about childhood, education and upbringing.