Barbara Braams received a grant (€50k) from the Dutch Research Agenda – Science Communication funding scheme.

Barbara will use this grant to further develop the Hoe?Zo! Show: a project to make children enthusiastic about science.

31-05-2021 | 11:00

Hoe?zo!! Show

In the show children can ask questions and a panel of four PhD students will answer these questions live on stage. The PhD students will use different objects to explain their answer. The show is a challenge in which the PhD students need to answer at least four questions in 20 minutes. The project is in collaboration with Dr. Lennart de Groot, department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University.
We developed the Hoe?Zo! Show for the Dutch Science Weekend 2019. We will extend the project and develop a package of four different lessons about asking questions, finding and judging information, how to do an experiment and how to present information. The children will do these lessons with their class before coming to the show. The PhD students are trained on how to engage children during the show and how to give answers that are understandable for children. Over the next 1.5 years we will train a total of 20 PhD students and will give 28 Hoe?Zo! Shows that will reach ~6000 children.