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Annual Report LEARN! 2019


The Annual Report LEARN! 2019 is ready.

Dr. Marianne Mak-van der Vossen awarded by NRO


The Dutch Research Council (NRO) has awarded a Comenius Teaching Fellowship to Dr. Marianne Mak-van der Vossen, medical educator and researcher at the Faculty of Medicine VU, for the project entitled ‘Silence is olden, speech is golden’, which aims to develop and implement a so-called Minimal Intervention Strategy that supports educators in identifying and attending to students’ unprofessional behaviour. Unprofessional behaviour is defined as behaviour that indicates a lack of one of ‘the 4 I’s’: Involvement, Integrity, Interaction and Introspection.

Our recent Blogs on Covid-19


Our recent Blogs on Covid-19

NEWS Horizon Europe is coming…


Horizon Europe is the follow-up programme to Horizon 2020. Although a budget and specific work programme has not yet been agreed, the European Commission has reached agreement on the key elements of the new programme.

Interview with Ulviye Isik


End of February, Ulviye Isik left the Amsterdam UMC and the research institute LEARN! to explore new pastures. For the past four and a half years, she was pursuing her PhD on "motivation and academic performance of ethnic minority medical students" under the supervision of Rashmi Kusurkar.

Two LEARN! consortia received NRO grant for short-term practice-oriented research


Renske Bouwer (and colleagues) and Femke van der Wilt (and colleagues) both receive €20,000 to develop a proposal for an NRO grant.

LEARN! research group SENSA (Social Educational Neuroscience Amsterdam) wins Ammodo Science Award of 1.2 million euros


LEARN! research group SENSA (Social Educational Neuroscience Amsterdam) wins Ammodo Science Award of 1.2 million euros

Grant awarded for study into intervention to support teachers in dealing with young children with behavioral problems!


Mathilde Overbeek, researcher at the department of Child and Family Studies at the Vrije Universiteit and senior researcher at Yulius Mental Health, has been awarded a NRO grant, together with a consortium of professionals from science and practice.

Spotlight on Johanna van Schaik


Johanna van Schaik finished her post-doc last summer on the effect of variation and surprise on young children’s science learning.

Congratulation Nienke van Atteveldt for being appointed URC professor!


We congratulate Nienke van Atteveldt for being appointed as full professor within the University Research Chair (URC) program, as of January 1st, 2020.

International seminar “Trust and Accountability to Improve Education Systems”


On the day of Prof. dr Melanie Ehren’s inaugural lecture on Friday, November 15th, five international researchers gave insight in their most recent findings around the topic “trust and accountability to improve education systems” at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Spotlight on LEARN! Researchers: Tieme Janssen


This new (monthly) interview series highlights some of our LEARN! researchers. This month the spotlight is on Tieme Janssen. Interview by: Alissa Postpischil

Prof. Melanie Ehren's inaugural lecture on "trust and accountability to improve school systems"


In her inaugural lecture, Professor Melanie Ehren presented Bronfenbrenner’s model of human development ...

Call for papers Comenius and Pansophia: Search for System, Method and Harmony of All Things


Call for papers. International conference to commemorate Ioannes Amos Comenius (1592–1670) and the 350th anniversary of his death.

Report of the workshop Higher Education Governance: Understanding stakeholder involvement in higher education governance models


October 10th 2019 saw the workshop ‘Higher Education Governance in Historical Perspective’ at the University of Amsterdam. This event brought together historians, educational scientists, governance experts, policy makers, and others working in the field of higher education.