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COVID-19: do we need to redefine the priorities for school inspections?


The disruption to schooling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic during the spring and summer in the northern hemisphere has necessitated changes in all aspects of school policy and practice, including the purpose, priorities and practices of Inspectorates of Education. ICSEI’s Crisis Response in Education Network has chosen to discuss these issues with delegates from Inspectorates of Education around the world in a series of three webinars.

New publication by Anders Schinkel: Wonder, Education and Human Flourishing


We are happy to announce a new publication by Anders Schinkel (Ed.): “Wonder, Education and Human Flourishing”.

News from the program "Motivation for lifelong learning-Developing students for life"


Please find here the interview with Joyce Kors and the study of Anouk Wouters

Catch-up programmes to repair learning loss in the Netherlands:


Overview of interventions and a literature review of their effectiveness

New publication by Prof. Johannes Drerup:


Global Citizenship Education, Global Educational Injustice and the Postcolonial Critique (in: Global Justice: Theory – Practice – Rhetoric, 12, 1, 2019, pp. 27-54)

Publication announcement: Education in a State of Emergency


Education in a State of Emergency: Philosophical Reflections on the COVID-19 Pandemic /Bildung und Erziehung im Ausnahmezustand: Philosophische Reflexionsangebote zur COVID-19-Pandemie (Johannes Drerup und Gottfried Schweiger eds.; WBG Academic 2020)

NRO-grant for research into the accessibility of higher education


Rashmi Kusurkar and Anouk Wouters are consortium partners on the research project “Accessible pathways to and through higher education – an integral perspective on the accessibility of higher education in the Netherlands” which was awarded an NRO grant (€ 875,000).

New YouTube Channel LEARN!


We are happy to announce our new YouTube Channel!

Inhaal-en ondersteuningsprogramma’s om leerachterstanden te remediëren


Inhaal-en ondersteuningsprogramma’s om leerachterstanden te remediëren: overzicht van aanvragen 1e tranche en een literatuurreview naar de effectiviteit

Documenten 14 augustus


Hier vindt u de documenten van 14 augustus

Webinar 14 augustus COVID-19 subsidieregeling van het ministerie van OCW


Webinar 14 augustus over inhaal- en ondersteuningsprogramma’s.

Webinars COVID-19 subsidieregeling van het ministerie van OCW


Op vrijdag 14 en 21 augustus geven deskundigen van onderzoeksinstituut LEARN! (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) verschillende webinars over inhaal- en ondersteuningsprogramma’s.

Annual Report LEARN! 2019


The Annual Report LEARN! 2019 is ready.

Dr. Marianne Mak-van der Vossen awarded by NRO


The Dutch Research Council (NRO) has awarded a Comenius Teaching Fellowship to Dr. Marianne Mak-van der Vossen, medical educator and researcher at the Faculty of Medicine VU, for the project entitled ‘Silence is olden, speech is golden’, which aims to develop and implement a so-called Minimal Intervention Strategy that supports educators in identifying and attending to students’ unprofessional behaviour. Unprofessional behaviour is defined as behaviour that indicates a lack of one of ‘the 4 I’s’: Involvement, Integrity, Interaction and Introspection.

Our recent Blogs on Covid-19


Our recent Blogs on Covid-19